Molly Sims is on Las Vegas, right? I only knows bits and pieces about that show, like that Lara Flynn Boyle’s character got blown off a roof top by a particularly nasty gust of wind, and that Josh Duhamel is on it, and he’s extremely good-looking, though I prefer to remember him as Leo du Pres on All My Children, a character I was so fond of that I actually screamed “noooo!” when Heather gave me the sad news that they had killed him off (although! The body was never recovered. So he’ll probably be back. But he’ll have a totally different face. So I might be sort of out, you know?) (Also, I apparently wasn’t fond enough of him to keep up enough with AMC to know that he was dead.) (It was still a blow.)

Anyhoodle, Molly Sims: Cover Girl, Las Vegas something or other, used to date that hot guy on Without A Trace, has a great house that I saw in In Style a few years back and coveted. That’s the extent of my knowledge. Also, I know that this was a mistake:


I actually LOVE the fabric. It’s very retro, but still modern and I think it’s cool, and if the cut of the dress were different, I think I’d really like it. But this just isn’t all that flattering on her. I mean, obviously, she doesn’t look HIDEOUS or whatever — she’s working from a much higher degree of hot than the average Jane to begin with, which helps. I just feel like the peek-a-boob bodice makes her look both more squashed and more short-waisted than she actually is, because you’ve got SOOOOOO much shoulder and SOOOOOO much skirt and, like, nothing in between.

Let’s go to the close-up:


Indeed. You know she is spending all night just tugging that up. This whole evening was a choreographed routine for Molly, one which all women have performed: glass in one hand,  clutch tucked under arm, other hand surreptitiously yanking your bodice back into position. She has the added degree of difficulty in that she has to make sure that her yanking hasn’t repositioned those cut-outs right over her nipples. That’s a lot to ask, honestly. Exhausting, even. Thank god she has that nice house to go back to.