Okay, I think I might have a handle on the deal with Lady Gaga.

Lady GaGa parties with Mark Ronson all night long

[Photo: Splash News]

Somehow, either through a contract with Satan or a tragic personal climate control issue, she is incapable of wearing bottoms AND a top at the same time — so either she parades around in panty-hose and a shirt, OR a skintight rubber skirts and a bra. This is sort of a Sophie’s Choice for me. I’m not sure which one I think is dumber, but I think I’m going to pick this over her parade of pantsless. Yes, I know, only yesterday I swore that anything fastening like a bra should not count as outerwear; thanks, Lady Gaga, for making me go back on one of my
life rules a mere 24 hours after I shared it. But you left me no other option. It turns ot LOTS of things beat a great pair of L’Eggs.

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