Oh my god, you guys. What is HAPPENING HERE?

Parts of the interwebs have been speculating that Marion has a bun in the oven — excuse me, un croissant dans le four — but I’m simply loath to speculate. Okay, that’s a total lie: I love to speculate, about everything, but I simply don’t have enough evidence here to settle on a theory one way or the other, though I must admit that I DO  think she looks marginally more lush than usual (in a good way). Not that I could really see anything in this picture that wasn’t intimately involved with the Trainwreck of Her Neck Attire.  Maybe I missed this day in health class, but is an increased fondness for random, straggly collar feathers and/or hair tip-toeing dangerously toward Art Garfunkel territory a little known symptom of pregnancy? If so, someone call Us Weekly, because GIRLFRIEND IS KNOCKED UP.