Well, here we are. Kim finally got her solo Vogue cover.

I suppose that, in a way, it makes sense to have Kim on the cover of the May issue, which is devoted in general to the Met Gala, the theme of which this year is camp; I am 100% sure that when I was younger and my brain worked better, I could have written the shit out of a paper explaining the connection between the Kardashians and camp (they’re kind of anti-camp in the sense that they seem to be performative without realizing it, while [as I recall], camp is intentional, but I’m sure I could wrestle that thesis into obeying for me one way or the other, probably by arguing that their behaving as if they don’t realize they’re being performative is, in and of itself, a performance [whew, I’ve still got it]). As it is, there is nothing so campy as that time she dressed up like a sofa.

The interview is quite a ride — it’s far-reaching and pretty interesting (and reinforced for me the fact that I do not want to live in Kim and Kanye’s house, because every time someone writes about it, it sounds like a parody of a house from the future that’s made wholly of marble; it apparently has something called “a show kitchen”) — but of course the piece that’s getting the most play is the fact that Kim is currently studying law with the hopes of becoming a criminal justice attorney, and is a year into a four-year legal apprenticeship. To be honest, it sort of bummed me out to read some of the reaction to the interview online (Online! Where bad stuff happens!); People get mad that Kim “doesn’t do anything” (which I actually disagree with; you might think what she does do is dumb, but she does work), yet the instant she says she wants to do something very concrete in terms of work — become a criminal justice lawyer! — a subset of Online piles on her for that. I am basically neutral on Kim as a person, but I feel like you can’t have it both ways: Either you want to her to do something productive with her life, or you just want to bitch about her regardless. And the latter is fine! Everyone’s got that one person they want to complain about regardless of what she does — it’s literally the definition of Bitch Eating Crackers — but if so, just admit it! As far as I’m concerned, though, if Kim Kardashian West becomes a freaking criminal justice lawyer, then god bless. 

This is what she said:

“It’s never one person who gets things done; it’s always a collective of people, and I’ve always known my role, but I just felt like I wanted to be able to fight for people who have paid their dues to society. I just felt like the system could be so different, and I wanted to fight to fix it, and if I knew more, I could do more.”

I mean, good for you, dude! She seems sincere; becoming a lawyer is a lot of work, obviously, so we’ll see if this comes to pass. (I think many people know [or are!] someone who wanted to be a lawyer and then later decided not to be a lawyer.)

I’ve also never felt closer to Kim than when she said the following:

“It’s my favorite thing to do: get in bed.”

Having said all that…I honestly don’t know why she had to look like she’s just finishing up the ice bucket challenge on this cover. Like, you’ve got this thoughtful and interesting piece about Kim Kardashian learning to use her powers for good and visiting people who may have been wrongly imprisoned and worked with Van Jones, and your visual cue for that is…a wet t-shirt contest writ high fashion? In the words of Seth and Amy: REALLY?!

[Photo: Vogue]
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