As it is awards season — a very rushed, crammed-feeling awards season; the freaking Oscars are in TWO WEEKS — I was thinking about red carpet interviews the other day, as one does. They are rarely good. The act of interviewing someone live on the red carpet is hard, I ABSOLUTELY could not do it, and they require a lot of prep that rarely pays off. And really the best you can hope for is that everyone gets out of them alive.  A lot of celebs don’t really want to chat anymore, which I understand: One misunderstood hot mic or whatever and Twitter has decided you’ve called someone a bitch. And we’ve all seen the those interviews where it’s obvious the celebrity does NOT want to be talking to E! but their PR made them and it’s always awkward. But then there are the celebrities who come across as SO CHARMING in such an instantaneous way that it works out well for everyone, and I feel like I’ve NEVER seen an interview with Kerry Washington where I didn’t think, “she is DELIGHTFUL.” She is always so bubbly and appealing, and when Scandal was on the air and we used to see her every week worrying into a giant wine glass because one of her employees was accidentally a terrorist or something, it always made for such a pleasant juxtaposition. This is my long-winded way of saying that I hope Kerry gets a big awards-season movie OR a regular TV gig again because she was always such a relaxing pleasure during red carpet shows AND ALSO I kinda like this dress and suspect that SOMEONE is going to wear it somewhere with Doc Martens and really go FULL 90s with it.

[Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]