I’m not really sure what Keltie Colleen was doing at the Big Love premiere event, since she’s a) not in the show, b) is a dancer, an occupation which doesn’t come up that much on that show, and c) appeared on The Bachelor for two episodes in 2011 “as herself,” which leads me to believe she is or was a contestant this season, and oh my God, I may have answered my own question with that factoid.

Even worse:

She’s got a raging Ke$ha complex. Methinks Bachelor Brad may have dodged a bullet here, although it would’ve made an awesome After The Rose special if he dumped her on national TV for changing her name to K€ltie.

And while I’m on the topic: WHAT IS UP with people acting like Brad Womack was the worst bachelor ever on his first season just because he didn’t pick a girl? Were all those accusers MISSING when almost every other season ended in a terrible relationship and an even more terrible breakup? If you ask me, not picking a girl makes Bachelor Brad the SMARTEST Bachelor in history. Maybe his intentions weren’t honorable the first time and he just wanted six weeks of tail, or whatever, but he probably scarred the finalists way less by bowing out entirely than by getting down on bended knee and then dumping the “winner” a week after the finale. But now he’s been all brainwashed to think he was Bad and Phobic and Deserved To Be Punished just because he didn’t propose to a girl he’d known for like two hours. I could be wrong — maybe Brad will find a soulmate this time, but personally I think that dude had his house in better order the first time.