Realistically, I know this is just Keanu Reeves showing up at The Late Show in a suit, carrying another suit that he will change into for his interview. But Keanu gives off such a helpful vibe — that 2019 New Yorker piece is called “Keanu Reeves Is Too Good For This World” — that it’s entirely plausible he offered to pick up Stephen Colbert’s dry-cleaning on his way to the studio. Keanu Reeves would do that if you needed it.

Keanu Reeves arrives for 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', New York, USA - 13 Dec 2021

And yes, it ALSO tracks that Stephen Colbert would give him a complimentary tote bag to carry home his other shoes, because Keanu would only ever accept practical payment for a favor. Your money is no good here, but your reusable shoppers are.

[Photos: Kristin Callahan/Shutterstock, Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]