First of all, some of these headlines are hilarious to me. I desperately hope that “WASP KITCHEN SECRETS” refers to what the insects are serving for lunch, and obviously I am interested in what a COUNTRY CLUB COLLEGE is, as I assume it’s a four-year institution that teaches you what to wear if you’re just a guest at the annual tennis round robin. Likewise, I legitimately need to read about POWER POWDER ROOMS and also I wish there were a program on HGTV called HOLLYWOOD HOUSE WAR.

Those pesky words out of the way: The interview is in aid of promoting The Kennedys: After Camelot, which is the miniseries in which she plays Jackie, and the title of which sounds like an after-show for a super popular nighttime soap about the Kennedy family, and our erstwhile Joey Potter comes across totally pleasantly and aggressively normal therein, although I also get the impression that the reporter left that interview and thought, “she’s so nice, and I didn’t get anything out of that.” (That’s a push-pull of celebrity interviews, of course. It’s in the celeb’s best interest to give the public nothing juicy — especially if the celebrity is Katie Holmes, who seems like a very normal person who would like to fly under the radar, but who also knows where a lot of bodies are buried — and it’s in the reporter’s best interest to get something juicy while also not blowing up the publication he is representing.) It also taught me that she directed a short film about Nadia Comaneci, which makes me feel like I would have more to talk to her about than just whatever we think happened with Pacey and Diane Kruger. Had I done this interview, I would have left saying, “shit, all I have is six hours of us talking about gymnastics! What am I gonna do with that?!?’ (You can read the entire thing here.)

But ENOUGH ABOUT WORDS. This dress is Dior, and she looks good — and very polished and poised — in it. In fact, I’d argue that this whole cover is very good. She looks extremely expensive, and that’s exactly what you’re going for when you’ve got APOCALYPSE INSURANCE splashed right over your armpit.

[Cover Photographer: Cedric Buchet]