First and foremost, Kate won Best Actress here at the Evening Standard British Film Awards for Love & Friendship, which I was literally JUST thinking about. She is wonderful in it, and it’s a great movie, and I’m sort of sad it came out during the movie season that hardly anyone takes seriously in terms of awards (although maybe I’m wrong, and I’m sure Whit Stillman will get an Adapted Screenplay nod). It’s just a complete treat (and, not for nothing, The Sev is A HOOT in it; I want to embrace her for it).  Anyhoodle, you can stream it on Amazon and iTunes now and you should, if you don’t feel like waiting for it to slide onto Netflix.

What was I talking about? Oh. This outfit. Yes. It’s sort of what I’d imagine we’d get if Ursula the Sea Witch turned to designing lingerie. She’d call the line Poor Unfortunate Underclothes.