It’s therapeutic to see Kaley standing in front of a giant wall that says “WHY,” as that is usually what’s going through my mind at her outfits. (“WHY HIM” is also appropriate, as I for sure thought that about her strange marriage situation with the injured tennis player who came over for their first date and never left, and seemed like kind of a mooch, although that’s none of my business — the heart wants what it wants.) In truth, though, this isn’t even close to the worst or weirdest thing she’s ever worn. It’s almost a bummer. Why — or “WHY” — couldn’t she have rolled up as The Pink Pantsther to THIS event, so that the step-and-repeat and I could have been soulmates? Instead, she looks mostly fine. A tiny bit dowdy, maybe, and convincingly like she’s having her First Communion and her wedding to the preacher’s son on the same day. In fact, it’s a bit “WHY THIS” just in the sense of me not quite understanding how it tickled her fancy in the first place. But at least my palm is not smacking my face in frustration, which, after I discovered Keke Palmer’s Instagram and all the morsels of wackitude therein, is victory enough.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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