While it’s true that there are some garments not even a model can make sing, Kaia Gerber — if you don’t know the name, she’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter with Rande “BFFs with Intern George” Gerber — is performing some alchemy on these pants. They’re plaid, high-waisted, have two zip pockets but no visible zipper anywhere else, hit somewhere on her shin, have GROMMETS, and are being worn with what appear to be orthopedic sneakers. These are not items that would combine to flatter most people. But dammit, they end up looking almost COOL on her. She’s got Gigi Hadid’s skill with a wacky trou, so I assume we’ll be seeing her rise up the ranks pretty soon. Say what you will about nepotism, but girlfriend’s clearly got some ability. I just wish she’d worn these with something in the Doc Marten family, but maybe Cindy hasn’t given her footwear lessons yet.

[Photo: Backgrid]

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