This all feels enormously on-brand for Kacey Musgraves: She’s wearing something very froofy (in this case, a Marc Jacobs getup that entered Fug Madness in a similar form on Rita Ora) which totally overwhelms her head, and she’s more dead-eyed than anything at the butcher’s counter. It’s even more pronounced in the story: The other photos are also TERRIBLE, particularly the one where she’s sitting down and wearing all pink, in which she most closely resembles Hailey Baldwin. She looks like seasonal allergies have laid her to waste. And sadly that’s very usual for her; she already transmits at times like she is her own wax figure, but the piece posits that she has a lot more personality than any of these show. It’s a bummer… but possibly great for her ticket sales, if the feeling is that you can only capture her essence if you see her in the flesh.

[Photos: Glamour]