So, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the entire plot Just Go With It from the ads. Sandler falls for Brooklyn Decker (who wouldn’t?), but stupidly lies that he has kids; he has to borrow said kids from co-worker Jennifer Aniston, who also pretends to be his ex-wife; YADA YADA YADA; Sandler and Aniston fall in love and get married and then his fake family IS HIS REAL FAMILY AWWWW.  Look, there’s nothing wrong with telling a predictable story as long as the story is well told — Law & Order is no less entertaining despite the fact that you know the most famous guest star is always the perp — but considering that a) this is coming out in February, a.k.a. the studio’s dustbin, and b) the ads seem to have NO jokes at all,  I’m not feeling very optimistic about this one. (Let’s just ignore the ridiculousness of Brooklyn Decker being all hot for Adam Sandler, which is — no offense, Adam — completely business as usual in a movie like this, despite being kinda an unlikely match in real life.)