Happy 25th birthday, InStyle! At a time when print mags are dying, and digital publications often aren’t far behind, I’m pleased that we have one celebrating an actual milestone. For the big profile, Helena Christensen interviewed Julianne, and I have ZERO idea why because there is no preamble to it (at least not online).

Helena does a much better job of this than other celeb-on-celeb situations, partly because Julianne gives good answers, and largely because Helena does not try to make it about herself. Clearly they know each other, although neither does Helena whack us over the head with that fact; there’s one question about how many pairs of Birkenstocks Julianne owns that seems to come from an awareness that the answer would be, “A lot,” but it’s not bothersome.

There’s not much to bite into, but it’s still satisfying — you come away thinking, “Julianne is very intelligent.” She talks passionately about her belief in gun control, and then this:

HC: I wanted to touch on the gender issue in Hollywood. Why is it so hard for women to get paid the same as men?

JM: Why? Sexism. Another thing I really resent in our culture is the conversation about aging. Everybody’s aging all the time — men, women, and children. But why has that become a narrative for women? It’s because, traditionally, the only currency that women have had was how they looked and who was going to marry them. So, if all your power is derived from your beauty and your youth, then that’s going to be something people hold on to. That’s no longer true. We do not need to subscribe to that narrative. It doesn’t matter. That’s why I always want to get that question out of interviews. That’s an old question, a sexist one.

Check it out here. Meanwhile, the slideshow has Julianne’s six InStyle covers, just for a fun stumble down Ye Olde Memory Lane.

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