If this looks familiar to you, perhaps it’s because we already dissected the “Homecoming Queen, but FASHION” cover of Harper’s Bazaar, on which Julia sat and grinned through a frilly pink dress. I am sure nothing nefarious happened here; both of them clearly would’ve had to book this well before the other hit stands. While I don’t know which cover was shot first, it makes sense that they’d both pun on the prom dress thing, and she did a lot of different setups for them both — and for the latter, a bunch of daredevil stuff, to boot — and for all we know signed some kind of weirdo NDA, so I wouldn’t expect her to go telling everyone what the other magazine did. She isn’t psychic; she wouldn’t have been able to predict that they’d both choose such similar ones. And so here we are, with a pink and a blue, like someone’s prototypes for a gender reveal party.

It’s a bummer for EW, coming in the shadow of the other, because that one is better. Julia’s smile is more, well, JULIA!!!!, her hair looks beautifully tousled rather than slept-on, and and it’s more commanding than the one in which it looks like she just woke up and ordered room-service pancakes. This one isn’t BAD, necessarily, but it does suffer in the comparison. I wonder if EW can swap out a cover quickly enough that someone saw Harper’s and decided to script the “her shoot was so gorgeous we made two covers!” narrative, just to mitigate it a bit. Who knows. EW is so subscriber-driven, anyway, that it’s not like this issue would die on the vine with just the one similar front.

However, here’s the second:


I’m pretty sure that’s Mandy Moore’s Emmy dress from two years ago, which is Carolina Herrera. And it’s a thoroughly okay cover, but not very inviting or compelling, and certainly not something I’d look at in the edit and think, “It is IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOSE! We must do two!” Honestly, it looks more like she’s doing a shoot all about her new penthouse condo where she redid the bathroom in cooling tones of white and white. The first definitely wins for me, similarities be damned.

[Photos: EW]