Julia Fox’s performance art continues apace, although to what end — and as what art — is unclear to me. She DID buy groceries, and she DID do it in her underpants, so I suppose it’s a true statement that Julia Fox has bought groceries in her underpants. But does she BUY them in her underpants, like, as a matter of routine? I cannot imagine so. Not if her trusty usual paparazzo isn’t there, because there would be no point in that, because she’s playing a role. I did laugh when I first saw these, so it’s clearly intended to be a comedic role, right?

Except, apparently they are knickers by Alexander Wang, who is hella problematic; the purse might be him as well. Involving that guy is totally unnecessary for this weirdo celebrity experiment. She is undercutting herself there.

[Photos: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]
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