(a) She’s great, and this cover is great, and can we please have more older women on the cover of major magazines? After all, older women still read and buy magazines.

(b) The interview is a DELIGHT and she is SOOTHING and I’m gonna MOVE INTO this article. She lives in a house built in the 1600s and it has a tiny front door!  Also:

At home on this crisp, clear morning in the Surrey wilds she is a soothing vision in beige athleisurewear; kettle on, supermarket pain au chocolat on a tray, and the luvvie-meter set to a hundred. As she is a legendary champagne enthusiast, I brought her a bottle of Dom Pérignon Blanc Vintage 2008, the presentation of which provokes a first, delicious crack of the trademark voice: “Absolute heaven!” she beams. Her skills as an actor are so intense that for a second you believe no one has ever given her a gift before.

Let me quarantine with you, Dame Judi. Also, this really made me laugh:

Her magic went global, so much so that when, some years ago, the writer Alan Bennett toyed with the most offensive slogan you could put on a T-shirt, musing over themes from terrorism to child abuse, he decreed nothing would outrage the public more than “I Hate Judi Dench”.

She also talks about Cats! She calls Maggie Smith, “Mags”! Just go read the whole thing.

In Edward Enninful’s letter from the editor, he says:

Photographed in early February and interviewed under the looming spectre of Covid-19 over the following weeks, Judi is the oldest person ever to grace our cover, and she brings great perspective and a message of hope from her own quarantine in the English countryside. Ever modest, the dame is not a fan of the term national treasure. But treasure her we do. Now more than ever.