It’s quite amazing that Jodie Turner-Smith can give such great face through the netting. I don’t know exactly what that face jewelry is about (it’s a Keren Wolf piece and she hashtagged it #MyMask #artjewelry on Instagram), but it looks like someone tried to turn her into a Faberge egg. I honestly don’t love the visual of her head being in a cage, but that makes it all the more impressive that her eyes are drilling right into me, and therefore the cover itself definitely gets my attention. It’s also quite a coup to land the front amid such company as Kerry Washington, Cynthia Erivo, and Chaka freaking Khan, which is a huge endorsement of the buzz she and Queen & Slim are getting. First Elle, and now Essence. Now please put her on Esquire so she can hit the trifecta of magazines that start and end with E. There should be an award for that.

[Photo and story: Essence]