My favorite thing about T&C is how their cover shoot stories are always just, “let’s make [WHOEVER] look extremely rich!” Like, they know who they are and what their readers expect. I personally VERY much enjoy Town & Country, and that is because I enjoy reading about what rich people are getting up to: buying, flying, rubbing into their faces. Honestly, how DO I keep a doorman quiet? (Presumably, be nice to him and be generous with your tips.) IS the Mayflower Madam back? IS it the end of rosé?!?! Regardless: this is a v. glam shot of Jodie Comer, of Killing Eve, and it suits her. She definitely looks like she might murder someone here — but in a very fantastic house and probably with something sterling silver, which is (fun fact) also how I would prefer to murder someone myself.

The interview is likewise pretty good! (I do hope someone at T&C notices and fixes the typo in several of their photo captions that says “prince upon request,” rather than “price.” That’s the, er, price of working at a publication that writes so much about princes! Would that it were so easy, eh?) It also includes this segue, which made me laugh because I could just envision the writer typing it, deleting it, typing it again, deleting it again, and then just throwing up her hands and going with it:

…in short, Comer, whose prior work includes lauded turns in the BBC’s Thirteen and Starz’s The White Princess, is quickly emerging as one of the most talented actors of her generation. That said, the real reason I’m talking to her is her skin.

And yet we still don’t get a list of products! COME ON, GUYS! Is she using the Augustinus Bader? She is, isn’t she? Someone just tell me!

[Cover: Marc Hom]