First of all: PRAISE THE HEAVENS! This celebrity profile was penned by an actual reporter —  in fact, the editor-in-chief of InStyle, Laura Brown, of whom I am a huge fan — and it’s quite a good one (follow-up questions and everything!). I’ve never been a huge fan of Jessica Alba — I didn’t dislike her; I was mostly just neutral — but she comes across in this like the very smart, savvy woman that she obviously is, given her huge business success. To wit:

LAURA BROWN: In the magazine world you are quite literally consumer marketing’s favorite cover girl. When did you realize you were not only attractive but also “commercially viable?”

JESSICA ALBA: I worked really hard at the commercial viability. There are plenty of much better-looking and more talented people in this town than me who are trying to break into this business. So I’ve always felt like I needed to be two steps ahead and ready for any of the opportunities coming my way. I wanted to set myself up for success. I did that by making sure I was relevant in every marketplace that mattered to the studios.

LB: How?

JA: For example, Dark Angel [the hit show Alba starred in from 2000 to 2002] had big international sales. Asia was a big territory, Germany was a big territory, and so I tried to stay relevant to those markets even after I stopped doing the show. Anytime they would have me endorse a product or whatever, I would go and do press tours in those countries.

That’s really smart, and also I love that this is all about LOGISTICS. More celebrity logistics! CELEBRITY CAREER LOGISTICS! This is all I want from my celebrity interviews, honestly. Like, who really cares that a celebrity had the time of her life working on Genial Comedy That’ll Make A Vague Amount of Money? (Especially given that no actress is gonna be like, “ugh, I gotta tell you, playing the Hot Bemused Girlfriend of that Mediocre Comedy Man was BORING but my mortgage is ten grand a month so here I am!”) I want MORE interviews where actresses explain their career logistics. “I went to Germany to endorse whatever they wanted because of XYZ reasons” is interesting; people love Celebrity Inside Baseball.

Additionally, I feel like she’s been styled — by Karla Welch — as an 80s Business Bitch and I am HERE FOR IT.

[Photos: ANTHONY MAULE, InStyle]