I don’t know what it is about this outfit that bothers me. It’s really not that offensive, actually.


Except the dress looks like a nightgown, and the shoes are heinous, and, admittedly, I’ve never really liked the classic LV logo bag because it’s so LOOK AT MY LOUIS VUITTON, but I really don’t like it paired with a white nightgown, because she looks as though she’s being hustled out of a burning building in the middle of the night, and she only had the time to grab her purse and throw on the random pair of shoes next to the front door before racing to safety. If you’re going to wear a nightgown-esque number, why weigh it down with all these heavy accessories? Load it her up with little light, insubstantial shoes and a smaller bag, and she’ll look ready for summer, instead of ready for Rescue Me.