Ruth Negga is one of the few actors in contractual thrall to Louis Vuitton who, I think, generally manages to carry off their wares with aplomb. Some of that is because her stylist Karla Welch is very good at her job, and some of it is because Ruth’s personal style actually does naturally dovetail with whatever they’re doing over at LV in a way that, say, Emma Stone’s does not.

HOWEVER! May I just note for the record that these contractual deals between actor and design house are making things ever so BORING? They’ve been snoozifying red carpets for a while now, but the fact that these allegiances have now bled into magazine covers is extra dull and it has to make creative directors around the world want to tear their glossy hair out. What if your vision for a cover was to put, say, Michelle Williams in a poufy Giambattista Valli loofa of a gown and hang her upside down on Vanity Fair? Too bad!  What if you wanted to stick Ruth here in some glorious Iris van Herpen concoction? Well, sorry about that. We must obey the contract!

The thing is, this cover is fine. It’s fine. Louis Vuitton is a perfectly reasonable choice for a fashion issue (she’s actually wearing fall fashion, anyway), and this particular number from LV is pleasantly editorial. You will float past this cover at the news agent without doing a WTF double-take; you will pick this up at the airport and flip through it, and then buy it because you want to read about the people who are on LSD at work.  It does the job it’s meant to do. But, goodness. All of this is starting to feel like real work.