I gotta say, I really like the Laura Brown InStyle. Even if I don’t love the cover — and I like these! — I always think it’s interesting. They feel more lively than the previous iteration of InStyle, and goodness knows, we need some liveliness in our lives right now!

The pieces about January’s three cover models — Tiffany Haddish, Salma Hayek, and Rose Bryne — are quick reads, and also taught me that apparently the three of them are in a movie together. (Where have I been?) Tiffany, obviously, is a treat:

Guess what Haddish bought on her “all-the-way, full-out” shopping trip: Another McQueen gown? A designer bag or three? No, she bought a microscope. (Well, technically, a microscope and a bunch of petri dishes.) Haddish says she’s always been interested in science, in discovering what’s happening on a microbial level. When she first got her microscope, she says, she stayed up for three days straight looking at samples of everything.

When she had a date over to her house, she’d offer him something to drink, and the moment he went home, she’d stealthily swab the cup he’d used to check out the bacteria inside his mouth. “I like to look at germs,” she says. “Put them in the refrigerator and see how they act, put them in the sun … I look at all the juices. I had to move my lab to my bedroom once my grandma and brother moved into my house,” she says. “And I have a section in the refrigerator with a note that says, ‘Do not touch anything in this drawer!’”

I LOVE this. I can just imagine Tiffany Haddish sitting around her house sticking things under her microscope. That is so eccentric and charming of her; every time I read or see an interview with Tiffany, I truly do wish she and I were friends. I will go on Groupon events and look at people’s mouth germs with you, Tiffany!

(Rose’s interview is a bit more straightforward, and Salma’s is, as well. Neither of them have petri dishes in their kitchens. That they mentioned.)

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