And I personally would like to thank him for this service. We — and by “we,” I mean, “THE WORLD ” — need this right now.

He also tells Essence, in an interview about his new project as a director that somehow veers toward a question that many of us have surely wondered:

“Am I ever gonna get remarried? I don’t think so. Yeah, I don’t think so,” he says. “Marriage is an institution of sorts. And I’ve done it. It’s not for everybody. It’s not my life’s calling.”


I mean, do I want to marry Idris Elba? Obviously. I am not an idiot. But would I also be okay with just looking at him on a new magazine cover every week? Yes, and luckily, that was more likely anyway, given that I do not know Idris Elba and am unlikely to ever meet him.

He’s also on this month’s Esquire:


In addition to how very handsome he looks, that coat is also cozy. Esquire knows what it’s doing: Highlighting dashing men, but also selling excellent outerwear. Their article is also good — it’s more far-reaching than what Essence has put online, although Essence’s print version may be longer — and touches on a lot of other personal issues, including his father’s death, and how he felt about his role in The Dark Tower given the current state of what he calls “America’s gun culture,” something which also actually struck me when I saw the trailer. You probably also want to click through, just to see the rest of the pictures. Would I steer you wrong?