“Oh, hey guys,

Katy Perry is a Pink Leopard in Washinton DC

[Photo: Splash News]

Um, didn’t expect to see you here. I’m just running out in my favorite pink leopard print leggings — everyone’s got a pair of THOSE, am I right?! – for a snack! See how I’m using my hot pink satin blazer as kind of a robe? WHO HASN’T DONE THAT, for real, right? Right? So anyway. I’m just running out for a Slurpee. Totally minding my own business. Just felt the need for some Cheetos. And a banana, maybe, or something — you know, just a quick snack. So, I mean, you totally don’t NEED to be taking pictures of me right now. I am not doing anything INTERESTING, really. Just a girl in her hot pink leopard print leggings and favorite old worn-in hot pink satin blazer making a run for the border! Taco Bell, I mean. I’m not actually fleeing the country. Anyway. Just running out for a sec. So….you can go away now. Nothing to see here. I’m not kissing any girls or jumping out of fruit or anything. So, see you later! When I want to see you! Later! That would be later! When it’s CONVENIENT FOR ME AND/OR MY PRESS AGENT. GOOD-BYE!”