I don’t fault anyone for being in a simple black suit kind of mood. But Elizabeth is at a Vogue party at Berlin Fashion Week, and now that she’s not acting as much anymore, her red carpet appearances are few and far between. I wish she’d use the black suits as a brief break and palate cleanser between courses of crazy, rather than as the only nugget with which to amuse our bouches. Remember this blue sequin jumpsuit with the baggy thighs? Or her racing veil and scenic skirt? She also once successfully dressed as a beautiful tube of wrapping paper, wore an experimental floral, pulled out an Elie Saab cape gown, and — for better or worse, but definitely for INTERESTING — she was the first we knew of to wear Mary Katrantzou. She loved a pattern. I miss her uncorking all that, and not for nothing, I still think she’s over-bleaching her hair. Come back to us, Elizabeth! Do not let the peroxide bleach out your passion for fashion risks.

[Photo: WENN]