Picture it, friends: HBO takes a truly insane amount of money and decided to reinvent the nighttime soap, this time without dragons. (Games of Thrones is 100% a soap opera, trust me.)  It’s set in New York City, 1984, a sprawling epic tale of three families: Salma is the bossy, brilliant, beautiful matriarch of one of them — married in haste to a rich but weak man after a bad break-up with the actual love of her life (who of course is also on the show, so they can stare longingly at each other over crystal carafes of things).  The premiere opens on Christmas Eve, when Salma throws an amazing holiday party that goes, of course, dramatically and interestingly wrong for everyone: Someone finds out he’s lost all his money; someone finds out her husband is cheating on her;  someone discovers she’s pregnant (but by whom!); someone’s raging coke addiction kills him in the final frame. She will, naturally, be wearing this dress.

[Photo by Andrew Kist/WWD/REX/Shutterstock]