This post is NOT an ad, and is not sponsored (though I did use affiliate links, because they were available). I just remembered this was happening, and some of these Target collaborations sell out pretty quickly as soon as the online sale begins; I would expect the Hunter one to do very, very well — I mean, $40 knee-high Hunter wellies with flair? SOLD. A cooler backpack? YES. Shorter wellies, maybe for gardening or just those days when you don’t/can’t stuff pants in tall ones? OKAY. If they don’t have a pop-up shop at Coachella this weekend, then that will have been a grievous mistake. But if you’re going for Weekend #2, you might want to stock up now.

P.S. I ignored the shower slides entirely. Sorry. I just couldn’t.

Anyway: The above slides all link to the shop page for each item. Target advises opening an account ahead of time so you can check out quickly, and then going through and hearting/favoriting what you want so that you can get to a list quickly. Alternatively, you can use this, bookmark the ones you want — or write down the slide number, or whatever — and get to them very once the sale starts. This stuff can be tough to navigate from within the actual Target website, especially if it’s running slow — you can get lost trying to backspace and search and click — so direct links can help. It usually remembers what’s in your cart from link to link. Here, you can test it with Harry Potter socks and this totally horrifying baby doll: Stick one in your cart, then paste in the link to the other, add it too. It’ll initially SAY zero items in cart, but if you go to View Cart, you’ll see them both.

HAVE FUN. Keep an eye out for when the sale starts, too. It’ll be… in the wee hours. Target says “early morning” online, which could mean anytime after midnight on the East Coast. Happy hunting, and Huntering.