IMDb is not helping me figure out what Jing Tian is promoting right now, but I almost don’t care, because look at this gown:

It’s pretty enough from the front, but if you’re detecting a hint of red in the back, you are CORRECT and you will want to see the full effect:

On one hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing that red on a whole gown of its own. But the split personality — it’s like an Angel/Devil dress — is very arresting, and the more buoyant (or fiendish) back spices up the greyish fabric in front. She also styled it with perfect lipstick, a red manicure, a bracelet AND a fab clutch, so no stone was left unturned. It’s meticulous, and I’m pleased, and basically so far Dior is making out better at this one event without any of its marquee faces in attendance than it ever does at, say, The Oscars. Who knew?

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]