I love the suit, but does he look a little…tired out here? He’s been through a lot this year. Regardless: I think the pics on the inside are very appealing, and you will want to read the interview, if you haven’t before now (I know this has been out for a while.) It’s very well done, and, frankly, it might have brought me back in on a Hiddleston that I’d cooled off on recently. I don’t know. I find him touching:

“I have to be so psychologically strong about not letting other people’s interpretations about my life affect my life. A relationship exists between two people. We will always know what it was. The narratives that are out there altogether have been extrapolated from pictures that were taken without consent or permission, with no context. Nobody had the context for that story. And I’m still trying to work out a way of having a personal life and protecting it, but also without hiding. So the hardest thing is that that was a joke among friends on the Fourth of July.”

He still isn’t looking at me. The last piece of my steak is now poised on his fork in mid-air. He is so sad, and I can’t take it anymore, so I put my hand on his and I say, “Tom, Tom, it’s okay. You don’t have to talk about the tank top anymore. I got it. I understand. I’ll tell the world.” But he can’t stop talking about it. He literally cannot stop talking about it.

Aw, Hiddles. Come on over for a cocktail. We’ll work it out.

[Cover: Nathaniel Goldberg exclusively for GQ]

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