Behold lovely former model and Duran Duran bride Yasmin Le Bon:


Yasmin is suffering from what we call….Overkill. All the pieces of her outfit, on their own, are lovely and unusual — well, maybe not the cumberbund. I can’t really get behind the cummerbund. But the shirt? How cute it would be with some hot jeans! The skirt? Well played, Yasmin. It would look divine with a less-fussy top. The fur shrug? Well, I’m sure you could figure that out somehow. But put together, it’s a bit Today Is Laundry Day, So I’m Tossing This All On And Calling It Quirky, And I’m Very Beautiful And Once Was Married To Simon Le Bon, Shall We Talk About Him Instead of My Misguided Shrug? Yes, Let’s. And that’s hard to pull off. No matter how lovely you are.