Well! Today was an extremely busy one for Harry and Meghan in Cape Town. It opened first thing in the morning at the beach to meet surfing mentors for disadvantaged youth, visit an organization that feeds the food-insecure, and discuss figuring out what to do with all our plastic waste; then, Harry went and met with the Royal Marines. Then, the two of them went to Auwal Mosque (it was built in 1794 and is accordingly the oldest mosque in South Africa; I would love this bit if I were Meghan because truly there is nothing I love more than going inside old religious buildings. Do you have a very old church in your town? I WANT TO SEE IT) to “meet with members of different faith groups to learn about the work the mosque does to promote interfaith dialogue in Cape Town,” and also to look at South Africa’s oldest copy of the Qu’ran. After that, the two of them travelled to another part of Bo Kaap, a neighborhood in Cape Town, to celebrate Heritage Day, “a celebration of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs and traditions that make up the rainbow nation of South Africa,” and then they had a reception at the British High Commissioner’s place to meet Promising Youths. Then, I assume, they went home and watched several episodes of Bake-Off to unwind, because this is one jam-packed day.

I know you care about what people are wearing. Harry obviously spent the entire day in Hammer Pants and a ratty old Discover Card tee shirt someone gave Meghan when she was at Northwestern. Meghan, on the other hand, had a few costume changes, which we will discuss at length, obviously. My top-line note is that the overall cost of her wardrobe on this trip so far is much lower than the previous tour, and includes a lot more re-wears, and that feels savvy.  The beach was (appropriately) a very casual look, and honestly an outfit I think most of us have worn, as well as one SHE has worn most of the bits of previously: her Madewell denim jacket, which is a VERY good basic jean jacket; a pair of Mother jeans that we also saw in Australia; a J.Crew top she’s had for ages (which is currently on sale, FYI); her old Le Specs sunglasses; a pair of Huaraches she’s had for ages; and this very cute Madewell tote. (SOMEONE was in a J.Crew/Madewell mood when she was packing.)

She changed for the mosque into a simple, long olive dress by Staud, which is made of recycled nylon. Staud is an LA-based brand, so that’s a nice shout-out to the hometown. (Thanks to our friends at Meghan’s Mirror for tracking this one down and also for existing because they are SO HELPFUL). FINALLY, for the reception, she wore her Martin Grant maxi-dress that we also previously saw in Australia. I have to note that I actually love a rewear from any celebrity; I think it’s always interesting to see how people choose to style items in their closet different ways. I wish more actors would rewear gowns on the red carpet (although, unlike the royals, many actors are only wearing their clothing on loan and it has to go back to the designer).

Of course, as with very royal event, we have copious video and royal reporters coverage, including this bit from Omid Scobie about what I am sincerely interested in: What everyone is EATING:

The Brothers Wales continue to be very awkward dancers, who will surely be embarrassing their children for years to come:


MAKE OUT!!!! Er, I mean, uh, carry on:

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