You guys. I cannot. The headline “finding peace” as she cradles a dove? That’s both agonizingly literal and looks like a 1970s ad for a brand new and totally revolutionarily gentle intimate cleanser.

The news stand cover is KINDA better unless you — like I — have a phobia of birds, in which case I suspect you’ll be less than delighted to see Sienna Miller (a) WEARING ONE and (b) having them seemingly nesting on and in her person, as if she’s a high-fashion version of the lady who does Feed The Birds in Mary Poppins.

UK Harper's Bazaar April 2017 - Sienna Miller by Alexi Lubomirski Newstand

I will happily give thee a tuppance to take thy bag away from me.

This avian horror aside, it is Harper Bazaar UK’s 150th anniversary — as I mentioned last time — and they’re doing some truly fantastic collectible covers. Behold:

And these are the March collectibles, which I somehow missed last month:

STUNNING. These are all sincerely beautiful work. I know that major glossies don’t make covers like these their standard offering for a very simple reason: They don’t sell the way more conventional covers do. But I think it’s so smart to make more artistic, off-the-beaten-path covers available to collectors. They’re beautful, and beautiful reminders that print is still appealing, that there is something pleasureable about the heft and shine of a paper magazine, something that is worthy of being preserved, and savored. Well played.