You guys. How perfect is this giveaway? Natori is celebrating 40 years of their excellent caftans — I have one! It’s divine — by giving away one of them to Fug Nation. Which is perfect, given that we clearly love caftans, en masse. And while I personally believe that it’s always caftan weather, it’s really about to be caftan weather by anyone’s standards. Frankly, I look forward to swanning about in mine dramatically all summer long.

THE TASK: I have but one caftan to give to Fug Nation (available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL; I’ll provide sizing measurements to the winner so y’all can pick the one that makes most sense for your own caftan-ready bod. Essentially, XS is a size 2; XL is a 16.).  I’m going to pick our lucky Caftan Manic — Caftanic? –by random, but to keep it fun, please tell us what you plan to drink whilst swanning about dramatically in your caftan. Champagne? Sangria? A whole case of LaCroix? A pitcher of margaritas? Your morning coffee? The tears of your enemies? It’s up to you.

THE RULES: All entries must be posted in the comments of this post by 9 p.m. Pacific time on Friday.  FYI, if this is the first time you’ve commented here, the system will automatically kick you into comment moderation, but don’t worry, I will rescue you. PS: PLEASE use an email address that you check regularly; I can’t tell you how many people have missed their prizes because they’re using a throwaway email! You’ll be annoyed if you miss your caftan. (Prizing courtesy of Natori, which also gifted me my caftan. Open to residents of the United States only. Thank you!)