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It’s that time of year again — the time we take a wee break from the internets while everyone (especially celebrities) is locked up at home, crawling into a bottle of eggnog instead of going outside wearing hideous pants, say, or buckets as hats.  Never fear, we’ll be back up and running on Monday, January 3. We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming at you in 2011 and we hope you’ll be back to join us. Of course, between now and then, you can always find us on Twitter (@fuggirls) or Facebook! So a very happy holiday to you and yours, and thanks for another wonderful year of delightful snarkery and great good fun.

So until next year, we leave you with the final Fugs and Pieces of 2011:

– Witness every single time someone on 90210: Original Sauce says the word “Christmas.” (Cinefamily)

They’re trying to bring back the Scrunchie. LADIES OF THE WORLD. Consider this a call to arms. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE RETURN OF THE SCRUNCHIE AS A FASHIONABLE ITEM. Who’s with me?! (Racked NY)

– You totally need to check out these crazy/awesome (crawsome?) Christmas light displays.  Can you imagine paying that electrical bill? Can you imagine living across the street from some of these people? By this point in the month, I would probably be foaming at the mouth for them to just TURN OFF THE DAMN LIGHTS MY GOD IT’S SO BRIGHT. (The Daily Beast.)

– I love the headline on this People story. I mean, Clooney is dreamy, but I would HOPE SO. (People)

This (interactive) piece on the Met’s restoration of a Velázquez portrait is totally fascinating. Until reading it, the only thing I knew about restoration came from Head Over Heels, in which art restorer Monica Potter falls for Freddie Prinze Jr, even though she thinks he’s a murder (obvs, he’s really in the FBI). That might not have been super realistic? (NY Times)

– Also very interesting: this NPR piece about Agnes Nixon — creator of Erica Kane, among other brilliant daytime icons. She should seriously write an autobiography. (Monkey See)

This cover of Heidi Montag makes me laugh. In all honesty, I feel sorry for the kid — I suspect she didn’t think through her surgeries at all, I do think she regrets them, and I think her doctor was skirting the boundaries of ethical behavior by allowing her to get so much massive work done when, honestly, she needed NONE of it — but you know she sat down for that photo shoot and automatically put on her, “I’m REALLY SAD ABOUT THIS so PAY ATTENTION” face. (Celebitchy)

– This interview with Joan and Melissa Rivers — who Heather and I adore, unreservedly, and without whom this site would surely never have come into being, conceptually — is AWESOME. Joan is a scream. (The Cut)

– Julian Sands is, apparently, a great art collector, who’s lent much of his (fascinating) collection to LACMA. Which is very close to my house. I am totally going to start hanging out there, so I can finally marry him, just as planned when I was in high school. Fun fact: HBC and Tim Burton are also going to be LACMA-bound soon, as they’re doing an exhibit on Burton. Please God, can I be there for the Room With a View reunion, when HBC and Sands run into each other in the gift shop and start making out in the window sill? (Unframed)

– The AV Club’s Cheapest Toy Round-up is so freaking funny. It makes me sad I didn’t write it myself. Also, that surely no one has bought me a ROBOT SHIELD for Christmas. (AV Club)

The Swiss bank UBS has a SUPER strict dress code. I have to say, I would rather my  Swiss banker didn’t show up for meetings with her bra hanging out. When you’re talking about your super secret tax shelter, it’s best not to be distracted. (Wall Street Journal)

Lindsay Lohan got back late to Betty Ford because she was out at a bar. Can we just ship her off to a deserted island at this point? Who’s with me? (Lainey Gossip)

– My theory is that someone said “Macbeth” backstage at the Spider-Man rehearsals.  An ancient theater curse is the only thing that explains all this. (Vulture)

– As the folks at Refinery29 point out, if you’re getting half-naked for Maxim, AT LEAST hold out for the cover, WHITNEY PORT. (Mostly SFW, unless your boss frowns on you looking at pictures of people who used to be on The Hills in their skivvies.) (Refinery29)

– Good news! You can totally soak your feet in booze without getting drunk. Off to set up my bathtub gin! (LA Times)

– AND FINALLY, time for Fug Nation’s Grandest Holiday Tradition:

Our annual viewing of Wham!’s Last Christmas. Whatever end-of-the-year traditions you celebrate, dear readers, I hope you do it with at least that much mousse in your hair. Happy new year from me and Heather (and intern George), and see you on the flip side!

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