The U.S. is not a hat-leaning country, and that is a pity, because Sarah Jessica Parker is historically a hat-leaning person and LOOK at the kinds of things we are being denied. This is from the Melbourne Cup racing weekend in 2011, and it looks like the bottom of a home-built marble run, or perhaps a tribute to luge, or — and this is my personal favorite theory — a salute to the Oxford comma. She’s also worn a potted plant on her head before, to a Sex and the City premiere, and beginning in 2013, she’s embraced millinery at the Met Gala too. As we drag our asses to the conclusion of 2020, and look for any light at the end of this subterranean tunnel, perhaps… the SJP Collection could expand into statement headgear? I don’t mean those unflattering giant padded headbands that have tried to make a comeback; I’m talking about MAJOR HATTITUDE. Big Headgear Energy. I trust her with this dream, I really do.

[Photo: Getty]