So, Halle is still out there promoting KIDNAP, and I am always interested in how a celeb and her stylist handle an event like this — where the actor is definitely going be snappedĀ coming and going, but will be MOSTLY photographed seated for the duration. This also applies to, like, appearing on Colbert, or going into a Comic-Con panel. Most fashion websites will run a photo of said actor standing, because we want to show you the whole look, but most other outlets are going to run the seated action shot. It is kind of complicated. In this instance, I feel like the Sitting Down version of this look is GREAT. It’s intriguing drapey and comfortable, but also professional and semi-fashion-forward. Full marks!

But the Standing Up mode kinda looks like she decided to drape herself in the large samples they let you look at when you go to Jennifer Leathers to make a custom sofa?

Halle Berry attends the 'Kidnap' Mamarazzi screening

These things are a real balancing act.

[Photos: WENN]

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