Honestly, she is quite stunning and this is a lovely photo. She looks like a young Brooke Shields, to me. Hailee, DO NOT let them talk you into a Blue Lagoon remake.

I have to admit that the excerpts from interview makes me laugh, a little. Not in a mean way. Maybe in a slightly patronizing way? (It also goes without saying that I’m concerned that she’s currently making a Transformers movie — part and parcel of my ongoing, low-level worry that she’s ruined her acting career. BUT NO ONE ASKS ME.) They just make me feel like the reporter left the interview and was like, “that didn’t yield much WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH THESE CLICHES from this sweet, well-media-managed young lady?”

This is the one that just had me doing the Old Lady Head Shake:

On finding love: “I’m trying to protect myself and have a bit of a guard up, but I also want to fall in love and know why love hurts.”

Oh, honey. That’s not the part of love you probably really want to live through? Take it from an old broad.

[Cover: Kai Z Keng]