You know what this cover reminds me of? This old one, featuring Nina Dobrev — which was a GREAT cover — probably because the color story is similar, and they’re both brunettes fiddling with their shoes. (And they’re both worried about your stress levels.) This is a pretty good cover, too — she’s making great eye contact, and though “whoops, something’s gone weird with my shoe!” is a rather nonsensical choice for a pose, I definitely prefer it to “here’s my armpit!” or “WOW my head hurts.” I call this one, dear friends, a win. (Even if I did have to look up what “Bumblebee” is. I truly hate to break it to you, but Oscar Nominee Hailee Steinfeld is in a Transformers movie. [She is, at least, the lead and not The Hot Girl.])

How’s the interview? Good question! It proved one thing to me, and it’s that I’ve aged out of Cosmo’s print mag, as I had NO IDEA Hailee was allegedly dating One Direction’s Niall Horan. It also taught me that her uncle started Body By Jake, this mega-successful set of fitness videos from days of yore. It’s a weirdly educational piece! It’s also honestly pretty sweet — the whole crux of it is that Hailee is a nice kid and has always been a nice kid, and I’m never truly going to complain about that, even if it by necessity doesn’t give the journalist a huge amount to work with.

I’m also maybe kinda shipping her and Niall Horan now?

So she’s not holding back on love now, even if things don’t work out. “I want to know what that’s like,” she says. “It’s terrifying and amazing and feeling absolutely everything and being slightly afraid.”

Aw, kid. Good luck.

[Photos: Cosmo]

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