We covered this briefly when it first came out, but it’s worth another look. In short: This is not a very relaxing holiday cover. This is a stressful time of year, financially and emotionally and organizationally, for a lot of people. I am way behind on my work AND on my Christmas shopping. I would like to be SOOTHED by a magazine. I don’t want to be confronted by Gwen Stefani having a panic attack about how she left the iron on, or forgot to buy Diet Coke, or accidentally shredded the kids’ gift lists, or lost her eyebrow pencil and had to draw them on with one of her kids’ crayons, or why she’s still dating Blake Shelton, or┬áthat the dog ate her red lipstick. Because if GWEN STEFANI is having a stressful holiday season, what hope do I have? Or maybe she had a sixth sense that Marie Claire would be a freaking font salad all around her, and not a very well-tossed one, either — rather, the kind where you’re halfway through it and getting full before you realize all the good stuff sank to the bottom.