“Yes,” Drew thought wistfully, “this was the right choice.”

“Is there anything in this world more easy OR more breezy than a human-sized cotton wine-sack? Does anything shriek ‘Cover Girl’ like quite a beach towel, hobbled so that you can’t really walk without, say, falling over and hitting your face on the corner of the coffee table, thus necessitating a whole lot of CoverGirl TruBlend Liquid Make-up?  Can you even think of the words ‘CoverGirl’ without also reflecting, ‘if only they made dresses from traffic cones, and oranges into rectangles?’ When you wake up in the middle of January, don’t you also decide that today is the day the beach cover-up you got for 60% off at J Crew finally makes an appearance? Aren’t you also irritated that J Crew has the most ridiculously expensive shipping in the world? Have you ever tried to secretly return a Final Sale item to J Crew only to learn that they will SEND IT BACK to you with a cranky note? Do you like peaches?  Don’t you think it’s kind of mean that they decided to make the actress with the most famous lisp in Hollywood say the words, ‘Lash blast mascara’? The answers, if you’re wondering, are:  Easy yes, breezy no, no, yes, if your oranges are rectangles you need to contact your supermarket because something went to hell there somewhere, no, yes, YES, sure, and totally. Beautiful! Cover Girl!”