Can I propose a ban on fishtail hems at the Oscars? I just need a break. I’m so TIRED of them that I’ve lost the plot on which ones are pretty and which ones are needless. I suspect, to an unbiased and unfatigued mind, this might be both:

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals
That dress would’ve been lovely without the superfluous explosion at the bottom, but the fishtail doesn’t RUIN it, either. What bothers me more about this dress is that it appears she’s going to bust out of it at any second. Ladies of Hollywood: Your boobs will look nicer, and plenty big and certainly less potentially fake, if you pick something that permits them to be hoisted properly. If the bodice is so tight that you have to wriggle your boobs halfway out of it in order to wear the gown, then maybe — MAYBE, JUST MAYBE — go with another dress. Or, I guess, let people stare at you all night wondering which nipple will come out to play first. But Keri has such a pretty face, it seems like a waste that no one will be looking at it.