And here’s Taylor:

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

First off: I love Taylor, and I think Fearless is quite good. I have sung MANY an emotional and moving car concert to it. My rendition of “Forever and Always,” for example, is powerful indeed. I wail the hell out of that thing. I sound terrible, and yet it is so satisfying. And when I’m done, I always wonder why I hardly ever see other people singing in their cars. I do it almost every day. And everyone I know admits they, too, hold extravagant car concerts. Do I just not notice other people singing because I am too busy with my choreography? Regardless: Taylor is adorable. I wish she were a stronger live singer, but I think almost everyone wishes that for her, probably including her. I also might wish she hadn’t worn this. Taylor LOVES a sequin — and you all know I do too — and the color is great, but it’s doing the funky chicken on her torso and I feel like it’s kinda too old for her. I mean, I know the Grammys are a big deal, but they’re also THE GRAMMYS, not the Grandmas. (Oh my God, you guys, I’m REALLY SORRY. That was a terrible, terrible pun. I should go back and delete it right now. But I’m too lazy to take it out. Just deal with it.) And yet I feel this is easily salvageable. My fix? Hem the shit out of that thing. I want to see some legs! What say ye, Fug Nation? Always: be nice.