At first I thought, “Well, how rude, Dorothy Zbornak might want her wedding blouse back.”

But then she turned around…

… and it seemed maybe a bit better? I mean, I know it’s still super short — I’m not sure how I feel about that, what with my practical fear of people being unable to sit down cleanly — but the back at least keeps it from being a total boring write-off. However, it does vault it straight into the category of Things I Will Never Try Because They Preclude A Brassiere. So I’m torn: retro-sexy, or Zbornak cruisewear?


  • Thank you, dress, for being a friend. (40%, 3,808 Votes)
  • I feel about this dress the way Sophia felt about Rose's St. Olaf stories: NO THANK YOU. (60%, 5,703 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,511

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I am way less torn about what she wore the day before:

Paz, we already have a Janice Dickinson, and even she seems tired of it.