I wanted to like this, but in the end: No.

Some mullet dresses, I get, but with this one it just seems like the designer was trying to compensate for how insubstantial the skirt fabric felt. I’d have kept the tiered ruffles and gone long, or kept it cocktail-length and shopped it to somebody for a less formal event. And I say ‘somebody,’ because I’m not sure ANYTHING could help how poorly this fits Jennifer in the boobs. The girl just lost a bunch of pounds on Weight Watchers and is proud of her figure, and this is how the fashion gods repay her? Look at them:

I kind of wish SHE had looked at them before now. Listen, girl, I have been there. I had two babies! That does mean things to a girl’s boobs. But cutting off the circulation to them isn’t the answer. (Also, up close, that bodice feels a lot more busy and crazy, like a really glamorous subway map.) It’s just cruel when a dress HAS a built-in bra, but it’s a bra that’s three sizes too small for your body, which itself is petite. This is how people in Hollywood become lunatics. Please don’t become a lunatic, Jennifer. You look great. It’s not you, it’s the dress. Apologize to the girls and then let’s all just move on and put this firmly behind us.