This probably shouldn’t surprise me. Drew Barrymore has always seemed like a very relaxed individual, who might well own 30 pairs of Crocs in every color for when she’s puttering around her garden of sunflowers she grew with her own compost. And there are certainly worse things in the world than using one’s shoes to send a message of love. When I had white Keds in eighth grade, I drew WAY dumber stuff on them (although also some flowers, of which Drew would approve), and it made my mom crazy. But, discounting that I am already not a person who will wear Crocs, I really can’t imagine paying $50 for rubber shoes that have “love” scrawled on them in that same font that’s basically in every inspirational quote meme. I’m VERY glad she looks so happy — and she does; that face is pure delight — but I’m going to pass.

Drew Barrymore Shows off the Drew Barrymore Crocs Color-Block Collection

No offense, Drew – although, in this photo, even you seem like you’re thinking, “Oh, mercy. Shower shoes? WHAT did I get into.” No matter. I will still always love you, especially in The Wedding Singer. Maybe make some Crocs based on that? It’s POSSIBLE I would pick up some that said, “Get out of my way, Billy.”