MORE GREEN! I loved this one:

Especially after reviewing Mila’s last year of red carpet outfits, most of which were some kind of neutral. In comparison, this is some kind of WONDERFUL HAHAHAHAH SEE WHAT I DID THERE oh God Globes fever has set in. It SOUNDS fun, but it actually leads to hacky cracks like that, as well as a painful rash. Ahem. I apologize.

And the back is SASSY. I always wonder how these starlets manage to get from home (or the Four Seasons or whatever) to the red carpet without squashing the back of their frocks. I suspect, honestly, that they have to ride over, like, standing up, or crouching in the back of the limo or lying down. Why won’t someone answer these burning and important questions for me? Isn’t this the sort of thing that The Rachel Zoe Project ought to cover?