In our prognostication post, a whopping one percent of Fug Nation picked Melissa Leo to be the fashion winner in her category. Apparently she took that very personally, because LOOK OUT:

I thought Melissa looked fantasgreat. Spectacstic. Magnijestic. Majtacular. She is a word-bastardizer. I am ruining perfectly good words to make new ones, but that’s how surprised I was — not because she’s not an attractive lady, but because she kind of NAILED IT in a way that I didn’t expect, since she’s so unassuming otherwise. I suppose I should have seen it coming. Those sleeves said, “Oh, Hollywood, you cad. Hang onto your trousers, or I might rip them off.”

After that slideshow post, though, in which Melissa Leo went from looking normal in 2009 to VERY fresh-faced in early 2011, a lot of people wondered if she’d had work done. It’s not that she didn’t look good before, just that she was WOW earlier this month. For a few reasons, I think she did not get work done: After studying her at length, nothing looks pulled tight or frozen in place. She just looks like she fell into a vat of CoverGirl and popped out all easy, breezy, beautiful. I think somebody called her up and said, “Look, lady, we think you might win this thing, so here is a pantload of money — hire a REALLY GOOD makeup artist.” Plus, I’m not sure one month is enough time to FULLY and COMPLETELY recover from a facial renovation, which is all the time she had between this and The Sleeves. Didn’t Heidi Montag teach us all that surgery takes a while to recover from, and then also, don’t do anything she does? Right.

The OTHER argument against her having had surgery:

At this tea party the same weekend as the Globes, she looks fresh-faced, and exactly like herself. So rock on, Melissa Leo. You look great without makeup, you look HOT DAMN with it, and you rocked it out in that black dress (this suit I love less, but you are at a tea party, so it kind of fits). Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings, since right now you seem to be the one to beat. On the carpet AND at the ceremony.