Dianna Agron almost never appears on this site because for some reason, when we’re looking through pictures, she never really stands out one way or the other to us — like, she’s very, very pretty, no question, but she doesn’t really blow us away nor horrify us to the point of self-inflicted baldness. On Globes night, I had the same feeling about this dress.

Now, some of the problem may be that by the time I saw her, I was so fried on everybody’s beige-nude-whatever choices that I thought, “Oh, great, YET ANOTHER GOWN WITH NO COLOR. WAY TO HAVE AN IMAGINATION, Y’ALL.” And that’s not her fault, nor the dress’s. She can’t control what other people are wearing. If she could, I would be sending her a lot of request letters.

Anyway, as time has passed, I’ve come back to this picture over and over again and I’ve liked the outfit a whole lot better each time. She really does look gorgeous. Her lipstick is a perfect shade. It’s a more mature, Old Hollywood version of the hyper-girly stuff Dianna usually wears. So I’m giving it a tentative Well Played, but just for fun, I’m adding a slideshow of this gown in a variety of other hues just to see if it really could have been better or if it’s just like Bridget Jones: to be loved just as it is.

Note: I am a Photoshop rookie, so this won’t look very good, and I totally accidentally missed a corner of the dress because I am clumsy with my Magnetic Lasso tool. Also, it wouldn’t let me apply a deep jewel tone, which is why all the shades in the slideshow are more from the middle and light ends of the spectrum. Anyway, it’s all very unscientific. Check it out, if you please, and then gab in the comments about what you like and don’t like, and whether you’d have changed anything if you had the chance. Kind of like discussing an episode of Glee, except without any Brittany bon mots to keep us warm.

Well? To color or not to color?

  • The original still wins it for me. (27%, 2,463 Votes)
  • She pops so much more in some of the colors. (67%, 6,023 Votes)
  • Neither. It all still feels like I've seen it before. I'd have just worn something else. (6%, 569 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,055

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