I was unsure about this the first time we saw it, but in retrospect I think I love it:

The cut is so simple, and the color is so refreshing and bright. Like a dress sorbet. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the greens everyone wore last night, but you have to hand it to Claire — this pink is somehow charming and fabulous without feeling too young or cutesy. It’s like it’s somehow pink without being PINK. (Although, considering that Claire here wore this to beat out J Lo Kind Touch Me in the Morning Hewitt, the knowledge that this is what our sweet Kind Toucher may be seeing in her nightmares tempers the joy a bit. Speaking of: poor J Lo Hew. She looked so disappointed when she lost. And yet, dear, sweet child — look at the facts. You were nominated for a Lifetime movie about a woman who becomes a prostitute because of the recession, working at a massage parlor called THE KIND TOUCH. Claire here, on the other hand, starred in an HBO movie about the tremendously affecting true story of amazing autistic woman who, among other things, invented a hug machine. PROSTITUTION WILL NEVER BEAT A HUG MACHINE.  It’s a truism of the world. Maybe some vajazzaling will cheer you?) Claire: please keep up the good work.